Dark Angel: Chapter One

By Lori Withrow

In a small house in the country side some extraordinary things were about to happen.

Extraordinarily scary that it. And possibly a little bit unbelievable. Unless of course you were one of the few who undoubtably knew…..

“Yeah Mom?” a bright cheery voice hollered down from the upstairs loft.
“Your dad and I are headed out. You and Chloe keep a good eye on Angela this weekend, ok. We’re counting on you.”
“No problem Mom. Hope you guys have fun.”
“Mommy, Mommy, wait!” a small voice chimed in.
Tiny feet scurried across the upstairs floor toward the stairs. A small girl ran down the steps and nearly fell right into her mom’s arms at the bottom.
“Slow down monkey,” chuckled Mom. “I wouldn’t leave without a kiss from my sweetest girl now would I?” she said as she swooped her tiny form up into her arms.
Angela’s face beamed with happiness as she wrapped her arms around Moms neck. Then her smiles quickly turned to tears. This was the first time her parents were leaving her with her sisters while they went away for the weekend.
“Oh, don’t cry my Angel” Mom soothed. “You and your sisters are going to have so much fun without us, and before you know it we’ll be back to give you even more hugs and squeezes.”
“I know. I’ll just miss you is all.” said Angela, as her six year old hands softly pet the back of her Moms dark hair. After a minute or so, she let go of her neck and planted a huge kiss on the side of her face and grinned.
“Cheeky monkey” chided Mom as she set her down. Angela turned and ran to her dad standing by the door. He picked her up gently in his strong long arms and gave her a big hug.
“Have a fun weekend honey. How about I see if I can find you something special while we’re D.C. Is there anything you can think of that you’d like to have?”
“Oh yes! I want a big sock monkey!” Angela jumped up and down in anticipation.
Dad laughed. “A sock monkey? What will we do with two monkeys in the house? We’ve already got one!”
“Oh I don’t know. Maybe the two monkeys will play together and keep one monkey out of mischief!”
“Now thats smart thinking! Guess you do take after me and not your mom after all.”
“Hey!” Mom said as she playfully whacked Dad in the arm.
“Just kidding honey,” he said with a laugh.
Dad set Angela down just as Chloe came down to see what was going on.
“Am I missing all the fun down here?” Chloe asked.
“Yes you are.” Angela replied. “Mom and Dad are leaving and bringing me back a big sock monkey. Don’t hold them up or I have to wait even longer for it to get here!”
“Wow Angela. Really nice.” said Chloe and rolled her eyes at her.
“Now girls, none of that.” scolded Mom. “Ok, give us hugs Chloe. Eve, come on down will you?” Mom shouted up the stairs.
“Coming Mom.” Eve got up from behind the computer desk and went down to say goodbye.
“Sorry, I was trying to finish up my project for school before you left. I’m almost done though so it shouldn’t take me too much longer after you go.”
Eve walked over and gave both of her parents a hug.
“No worries honey. Get your stuff done and Chloe can hold down the fort until your finished. Right Chloe?” asked Dad.
“Yeah sure, no problem. I can keep Angela entertained by having her clean up my room for me for a quarter.”
“I’m not cleaning your room,” stamped Angela. “Not even for $1.” Angela paused then said, “But maybe for $5 dollars!”
Everyone laughed.
“ What!” she said sheepishly.  Angela was a comic and she didn’t even know it.
After a few more hugs and goodbyes, Mom and Dad made it out the door and headed towards the airport for their flight to Washington D.C.
“Okay Monkey,” said Chloe. “Lets go find a board game or something while Eve finishes her homework. Do you want to play monopoly, or how about
“Lets play house! You be the baby and I’ll be the mom.” said Angela Gleefully.
“House? I don’t think I really feel like playing house.” Grimaced Chloe.
“Well, I don’t want to play a board game. I just want to go play with my toys if you won’t play house with me.”
“Ok do that. I’ll be in my room on my iPad if you change your mind.”
Chloe sauntered off to her room and Angela headed to hers.  She didn’t tell Chloe, but she already missed mom and dad. She decided the best place to feel close to them was in their room downstairs, so she grabbed a few of her favorite toys and headed down. She was going to tell Eve where she’d be since the computer desk was at the top of the stairs, but she wasn’t there.
“Eve?” questioned Angela. “Where are you?”
“I’m in the bathroom.” She heard back. “What’s up?”
“Oh nothing. Just wondered where you were.”
“Ok, I’ll be out in a minute if you need something.”
“I’m heading to Mom and Dads room to play toys.”
Angela wasn’t sure if Eve heard her over the sound of the toilet flushing, but she went down anyway.
A few seconds later Eve opened the bathroom door.  She looked both ways down the hall but didn’t see Angela. “Guess she went to Chloe or figured it out,” she stated out loud on her way back to the computer desk. This project was taking way longer then she wanted it to.
Five minutes later she heard a loud crash from downstairs. Eve sat bolt up right. She listened for a few minutes then got up from her chair to investigate.
“Chloe. Angela. Where are you guys? Did you just hear that loud noise?” Eve was afraid to be too loud.
No response. She quickly moved down the hall to Chloes room and knocked on the door.
“Chloe! Angela! Are you guys in there or what? Did you hear that noise?”
Still no response. Eve decided she wasn’t going to wait around for her sister to open the door so she turned the handle and burst in.
“Hey! Why aren’t you guys answering me?” she exclaimed.
Chloe was laying on her bed with her headphones in, iPad raised up in the air above her head, silently lip-syncing to some Chloe-like song.  She didn’t even notice Eve was in the room.
“Hey!” Eve shouted. “Chloe!”
At this point Eve realized her eyes were closed too. She walked up to Chloe, pulled her earphone out of her left ear and grabbed her iPad.
Chloe’s eyes opened immediately.
“What the heck Eve! What’s your deal?”
“Where’s Angela, Chloe?”
“I don’t know. She said she was going to play toys in her room. I’d imagine she’s still there. Why?”
“I just heard a really loud noise from downstairs. I’m guessing you didn’t hear it miss Disney on ice.”
“Whatever Eve. You’re just jealous of my amazing lip-syncing skills.”
“Yeah, that’s exactly what it is Chloe. Or maybe it’s the fact that you’re suppose to be watching over Angela until I’m done with my project, and you have no idea where she is!”
“Sorry Mom.” Chloe said sarcastically.
“Seriously Chloe. Now is not the time. It could have been Angela downstairs that made that noise. Come with me and lets find out.”
“Why do I need to go with you?” asked Chloe
“Because, believe it or not, I might need you.”
Chloe’s jaw dropped. “Wow, did those words actually come out of your mouth?”
“Yep, once and only once so don’t get use to it.”

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