• You

      You is a song I had already written and brought to the EP table in need of only a few alterations. We added piano, stings and a simple drum beat to the mix, and viola! A perfect love song was complete. You, as a song, has always meant a lot to me . It channels love and all

  • Take it Slow

      Take it Slow is a song where the lyrics followed the music. I write both ways, but this one just so happened to be a perfect example of what follows a catchy tune. Take it slow tends to be a crowd favorite. It’s catchy, poppy, and just downright cute. Hope you like it!

  • Broke Down

      Broke Down is a song I really enjoyed writing. Although the words talk about a guy who can’t find his way… which is true…it also enveloped my feelings regarding myself in the entertainment world. To so badly want to “be somebody”, but not know the best steps for my journey. Looking back I’m not entirely certain I every really got it

  • One Day at a Time

      One Day at a Time is a song very dear and important to me. I wrote this soon after I found out my Dad had cancer. It was unfathomable to me that such a strong, awesome guy, with amazingly deep faith, had to battle such a nasty thing. Though he showed amazing courage! He

  • The Gift of Travel

    I have been blessed with the ability to travel to many cities and countries with my family growing up, and as an adult. There are so many beautiful and wonderful places in the world!Many places I have traveled I have spent off the beaten track, and would love to share those experiences with you. This

  • Blue water’s calling

    Calling, calling, calling my name. Yes I am already anticipating the beautiful ocean blue and the warmth of the Bahamian climate enveloping my pale Michigander form. I think it might be better it I just hibernate for the winter months like the smart creatures until vacation time. Then back to the den till it’s time

  • Melting away

    A beautiful fall morning drive. I love how the sun comes out and slowly melts the fog away.