• 5 tips to help you take better pictures with your iPhone

    Taking quality pictures with your iPhone is a breeze. Especially if you follow these tips below! Tip 1: Use two hands when taking your photos. This will help steady the device and make for clearer pictures. Keeping your elbows tucked in to your sides or propping your phone up on a secure base is a

  • Henrietta and I

    Henrietta and I Click on the link above to download Henrietta and I. This has been one of my children’s favorite books and hope you and your’s will love it too! If you’d like to contribute funds to help cover additional creations, you can find the Donate link at the bottom of my home page.

  • Dark Angel: Chapter One

    In a small house in the country side some extraordinary things were about to happen. Extraordinarily scary that it. And possibly a little bit unbelievable. Unless of course you were one of the few who undoubtably knew….. “Girls?” “Yeah Mom?” a bright cheery voice hollered down from the upstairs loft. “Your dad and I are

  • Whatever you want

      I had the pleasure of creating my EP with producer, Michael Raphael. We were looking to create a sixth song for the album when he decided to present this song, Whatever you want. It really spoke to me from the first time I heard it. After changing a few things and adapting it to

  • Walk Away

      Walk Away was one of the first songs Michael Raphael and I wrote together. It’s fast, upbeat and a little angry. Funny part is, I completely made up the words based on the sound of the tune, not any deep inner angry feelings at the time. Granted, I did later have a time or