5 tips to help you take better pictures with your iPhone

By Lori Withrow

Taking quality pictures with your iPhone is a breeze. Especially if you follow these tips below!

Tip 1: Use two hands when taking your photos. This will help steady the device and make for clearer pictures. Keeping your elbows tucked in to your sides or propping your phone up on a secure base is a sure way to capture steady shots.

Tip 2: Don’t use the zoom when taking your pictures. The iPhone has a really good camera built into it, but when you use the slider to zoom in at the bottom of your screen, the image quality goes way down. Instead, either move closer to your subject or plan to edit the image in a photo editing program after you’ve taken the picture. You can crop, apply a filter, auto enhance, fix red eye and rotate, right in your iPhone camera roll. You can find out more in the lilipond fast track section and add the topic to your personal goals list.

Tip 3: Keep the light behind you. Just as it’s hard to see when you look towards the sun, it’s hard for your camera to capture what you’re viewing. Your best bet is to always keep your main source of lighting behind you or take your photos in a shady area.

Tip 4: Use HDR. With HDR mode on, your phone will take a little longer to take the photo. Thats because it’s actually taking three pictures rather than just one. It then takes a mix of the three and puts them together to make a better lit photo. HDR’s design is to make your pictures look better, but it does depend on when you use it. You should try using HDR when taking photos of landscapes, and when the lightning isn’t good, such as harsh sunlight or low-light. Don’t use HDR if your subject is moving or your colors are already vivid. HDR can blur and wash them out.

Tip 5: Use the AE/AF lock. This feature is for you iPhone 5 users and above. Your iPhone camera auto focuses each time your or your subject moves. This can be very frustrating if you have a child or pet that just won’t sit still. If you turn on the AE/AF lock, it prevents this auto focusing from happening, by locking on the spot you pressed and activated the feature. To turn on the AE/AF lock, press on the screen where you want the camera to focus and hold your finger there until the focus box double flashes and the AE Lock sign appears at the top of your screen. Now every time your subject moves your focus will stay the same and save you from losing countless great photos.

Happy picture taking!

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