From the big city to the country side, it doesn’t matter where she’s at. Creating music and writing words through experiences are what Lori Withrow does best. She started young, plunking on piano keys and blowing on the harmonica, singing in the school choir and band, until she stumbled upon her future, tucked away in a downstairs closet at her parents house.

“I picked up my dads Epiphone guitar at 15 and haven’t put it down since. I took lessons with Brad Skinner, a really awesome guitar instructor still to this day. Then I graduated and went off to college, and took what I learned along with me. For some reason I was shy about my music during these years. It wasn’t until after college that I really began writing and recording my own material. In fact, I remember the day I decided I was tired of just being a closet musician, so to speak.
I went to a festival in Cleveland, Ohio. There was this girl fronting her band, and as I watched her perform, I literally started crying. I knew at that moment I was missing my calling. Once I got back from the trip, I had a new acoustic guitar and a two-track recording machine in no time at all. I wrote a bunch of material, recorded it, got my self a few of my own original gigs and performed covers with a bunch of great artists. The rest is history!”

Lori performed with various musicians throughout the metro Detroit area, then with a new goal in mind, she uprooted and moved to (mostly) sunny Los Angeles, California. There she dedicated herself to completing her six track ep self titled Lori Withrow, with producer Michael Raphael of Earthtonesounds.

Lori is now back in her home stomping grounds of Michigan and is once again finding her way back to the studio to record.

“It’s been more then a few years since my first EP. I think you’ll notice quite a different vibe on this album. With the EP we took my acoustic songs and turned them into something mainstream which really rocked. This go round it’s a simple straight from the heart, guitar strumming, soul searching experience, with a few added modern beats that might just get you off your feet. Along with a few that will make you smile and few that will make you cry. I’ve experienced a lot since my first EP was recorded. I’m excited to share it with you!”

In addition to music, Lori also dabbles in authorship.

“Children’s books, Historical Fiction, and Teen Fantasy are a few of my favorite genres. I love that books take you out of the real world and into another place. They are movies created in your head out of the words you read from the page. I’ve got a children’s book available on iTunes called Heneritta and I, and a few more in the works that I think are really going to keep things interesting for the teens and adults!

Thanks for being a part of my journey!”